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This is the home page for the Pentaho Engineering - Open space.

Developers Guide to Building Pentaho Projects

Here is a quick set of links to help you find what you need:

  1. Development Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices
  2. Common Build
    • Capabilities
    • Local footprint
  3. IVY
    • Repos / Pentaho Repo Architecture
    • Local footprint
  4. Your Project Workspace
  5. Developing in Eclipse
  6. Common Developer Scenarios
  7. Troubleshooting Build Errors
  8. Working with JIRA


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Page: BI Server architecture and philosophy
Page: Javadoc Standards
Page: List of JDBC drivers
Page: Metadata Editor Test Cases
Page: Module Creation Policy
Page: Pentaho 2.0.0 Testing Home
Page: Pentaho Terminology Project
Page: Pentaho Version Checker
Page: Build Architecture
Page: Eclipse Classpath and the BI Platform Projects
Page: Hudson Continuous Integration
Page: Installing and initializing PostgreSQL 8.2 on Ubuntu Linux
Page: ivyDE Eclipse IVY Plugin
Page: IVYizing a Project
Page: Making Pentaho Development Easier with Eclipse Build Natures
Page: Pentaho Development Workspace Reference
Page: Platform Internationalization
Page: Running the Platform in another language
Page: Subversion Branch & Merge Checklist
Page: Troubleshooting Common Build Errors
Page: Story Acceptance Criteria
Page: Pillar Upgrade HOWTOs
Page: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Page: How to Access Files and Settings in BI platform
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix
Page: Jira Usage
Page: GitHub Development Class
Page: Project Migration List
Page: Shell script alias to update all SVN projects in Eclipse workspace
Page: Pentaho Software Architecture
Page: Pentaho ObjectFactory and Spring Enhancements
Page: Javascript Build and Dojo changes in 5.1
Page: Best Practices for Configuring and Testing Hadoop Configurations (Shims)
Page: Development Standards, Guidelines and Best Practices
Page: Platform migration to OSGI
Page: QA Table of Contents
Page: Architectural and System's Documentation
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 6.X
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 5.X
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 7.X
Page: New hires and access to internal engineering applications